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Thilo Gierschner

Photographer & Creative Storyteller

I am a storyteller at heart. With more than 15 years of experience as a professional creative copywriter, it was a natural progress to combine my other talent & passion for photography with my love for words & stories a few years ago. Today, I am working as a freelance photographer and copywriter for various clients around the world. The diversity of projects is inspiring and allows me to experience new things with great people. Being entitled to tell so many different stories is my personal luxury.
Wedding photography has always played a key role in my photography vita. Up until today, I am fascinated by the magical human moments and emotions that one can witness and capture so authentically and candid in pictures. 
Pictures that tell personal stories. Pictures to show, keep and frame. 
The visual stories I tell are not a compilation of standard poses but a reportage of two special individuals who have their own story, style and tone of voice. 
As a wedding photographer it is important to me to always find the right balance between being the unobtrusive observer and the one additional wedding guest that fits so naturally to friends & family. I will be around you all day – you will define how closely you want the story to be told.
Depending on the scale of the wedding story and the wishes of the couple, I am accompanied by a fantastic small crew of creative ladies and gentlemen who have the fine talent for people & photography. My most favorite crew member is a wonderful redhead lady that is part of my personal story.